Individual Coaching

I was really looking forward to my reiki treatment and I instantly felt at ease when I met Claire. She has a wonderfully warm aura about her and showed me love and genuine care throughout. I recall my fingers tingled during the treatment and I had experienced a pain in my chest prior to my treatment. I understood afterwards this related to my heart chakra and how I was feeling emotionally, which was all very accurate. I felt like the treatment had begun a process of release for me, of negative emotions and by doing so, making space for it to be one day, filled with genuine love for myself, by me and that special someone. Claire very kindly gave me a pink agate gemstone to help me with my emotional recovery.  I know there are many reiki practitioners our there but Claire has a special gift, not only connecting to the energy but also her ability to connect to the person on all levels. 

This was the first time I'd had a reiki session so I wasn't sure what to expect. Claire put me at ease right away and told me a little about what reiki is, it's Japanese origins and how it can help people. Before the session began Claire gave me a pink agate gemstone, a beautiful pink and purple marbled stone that I held in my hand during the session. During the session I felt relaxed as Claire started at my head and shoulders then gradually moved down the body to end at the feet. I often get tight shoulders/neck muscles that get painful, during the session I felt these relax and soften. Whilst Claire moved over my face, I felt a lovely tingling sensation around my jaw and it was like the pain I get in my jaw melted away. Claire explained that I had a lot of energy over my solar plexus chakras and recommend I do some meditation on this area. It has been a week since my session and I've done a little research into the solar plexus chakra and it is responsible for personal power, self-esteem and confidence. These are things that really resonate with me right now. I can't fully describe how amazing this experience was, I think you have to experience it for yourself, and I would have another session again without a shadow of doubt.

Trying Reiki for the first time I was intrigued and not too sure what to expect. I was so pleased to meet Claire and I knew I felt comfortable with her immediately. Her poise & presence were so calming and I relaxed quickly. I learned that Reiki could be either with hands on the body or without touching. With a relaxing ambience in the treatment room Claire completed her practice by placing her hands on me, initially my head but worked on my shoulders, arms, legs and neck. I had heard that people feel heat but I was astounded at the sensation of heat when Claire laid her hands on me. It felt like a really hot hot water bottle. It was so relaxing and such a lovely experience. When the little bell rang at the end of the treatment, I was sad the treatment was over but I felt thoroughly relaxed.  The wonderful feeling of completeness and contentment lasted for days after the treatment. Claire is a wonderful practitioner and she has whetted my appetite to try Reiki again.

I received a reiki treatment from Claire at a retreat in November 2018. I was quite dubious, as I had never done anything like it before, but Claire made me feel very relaxed by explaining the whole process to me and answering any questions I had. All I can say is that the whole experience was incredible. I cried unexpectedly as I let go of bad energies, I didn't even realise I was holding onto, and I actually laughed as I reconnected with good energies, and beautiful memories. I left feeling a lot lighter, as though I had literally disposed of bad baggage. And for the following few days I gained a lot of  clarity and started to understand the importance of following my good energy, the things that make me feel good and more like me. I can't wait to have another session with Claire and I highly recommend it to anyone - especially if it's your first time! Just do it! 


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