Individual Coaching

Here is what some of our clients have said about working with us...

Before starting the coaching sessions, I was struggling to cope with stress, lacked confidence and had no idea where I wanted my career to go. During the programme I worked with Claire to find the best tool kit and mechanisms to deal with situations where I become stressed or lacked confidence. With each session I became more comfortable using them and now I am benefitting from them every day. The sessions also helped me understand my core values and skills and what I wanted from a job. Through the sessions I developed a career plan, and a path to achieving it. I have already taken my first step on the path and am excited to see where it will take me.

Steve's coaching style is very endearing, this helps people to settle into the discussion easily and comfortably. Engaging in the Wilson Spirit program helped me to reflect on my professional life and understand what I really valued about work and how I could positively impact my career. After taking part in the Wilson Spirit 6 week course I had some clear goals and values that I could incorporate into my development plan. I feel more empowered to improve my professional life/career.

The coaching sessions offered tools to help deal with life's challenges, large and small, which were specific to me. They supported me in finding mechanisms that will work best for me and help embed them so they started to feel second-nature which means I'll continue to benefit from them going forward.

I appreciated the time spent beforehand to understand if your coaching service would be suitable for my needs and truly understanding my personal circumstances. From that first interaction, your one-one, engaging style and creative methods of helping me address my feelings/thoughts and introducing me to the many techniques that I now use daily to control, even combat my anxiety was really life changing for me. With your respectful, friendly, honest approach, we connected in different ways that allowed me to overcome and learn facets of my own wellbeing. I was made to feel very comfortable and respected throughout the 12-week session.

Wilson Spirit came in to my life just a few months ago and I couldn't be more grateful for this coaching experience. From the initial discovery call earlier this year, I knew right away that this experience was going to be truly rewarding and I simply couldn't wait to begin and start living and breathing the life I wanted to live. For me it was about turning my perspectives inwards and simply taking time to learn more about me as a person and work on establishing my core values and enhancing my confidence and believing in myself more. The sessions were well equipped with various tools and techniques that could be implemented straight away and between weekly sessions by putting these into practice I was able to see results and changes within myself week by week. With my programme now complete, I can honestly say I am so excited for my future and Wilson Spirt has been the perfect way to begin this personal development journey. Claire has been fantastic in her approach to coaching and has imparted Wilson Spirit's work ethic impeccably. For anyone thinking of embarking on some coaching whether it be for personal development or to simply just take some time out over a few weeks to dedicate some time to you, my advice is to definitely embrace Wilson Spirit. For me this is only the start of my journey and I will continue to utilise Wilson Spirit's coaching services as part of my process in living the life I want to live.

I would definitely recommend Reiki with Claire to anyone. Claire was so warm and welcoming and keen to know if there were any areas that needed particular attention during the session or if I was in need of general relaxation - I was in need of both, and my session was great!! 😁 After our initial consultation (I had been suffering with a trapped nerve in my shoulder and stress related stomach cramps), Claire spent a lot of time working on these areas and I could feel my energy channels almost instantly clear. The pain in my shoulder reduced and my stomach calmed down so much. It also helped me clear my thoughts and shake any unwanted anxiety I had floating around from a week in work!  It was an hour very well spent and I can't wait for my next session  Thanks again Claire


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