Individual Coaching

holistic therapies

I truly believe in a whole person approach to wellbeing. After experiencing anxiety, depression, panic attacks and physical illness, I felt that there must be something more to the regular approaches to wellness. I sought out these complementary therapies and due to their profound effect, I overcame challenges in my own life and then trained in them to give that gift to others too.

**WARNING** these methods can be life changing…

These therapies can be used to support you in many areas including: increasing confidence, reducing stress, anxiety and pain, alleviating fears and phobias, tackling weight concerns and addictions and so much more…

Sessions offered online, in your home or workplace and at bespoke venues dependent on each therapy.

These therapies can be combined, included within a coaching programme or experienced separately.


The Usui system of Reiki is a beautiful holistic therapy used to bring the mind, body and soul into a state of wellbeing. It is a hands on or off therapy which balances the subtle energies within our bodies to encourage healing. The energy is able to flow directly to the core of any issues rather than just the symptoms, it clears blocks in our energies which may have been caused by emotional or physical stress and/or trauma.

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meditation & mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness are both practices that calm your mind and body and support you in being present both during your session and with continued practice.

Living in modern society, we are continually bombarded with information through every day interactions, news, social media, technology etc. All of this stimulation can have negative effects on us, maybe we experience more stress, sleeplessness, anger, procrastination or low self esteem to name a few.

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